Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Universal presents Classic and Old Skool edm all day on Frisky Radio, this Saturday

This Saturday 22nd December join:

Ian Ossia
Ben Coda
Royal Sapien
Nick Lewis
Rob Keith
Tee Dub

All day on Frisky Radio for 8 hours of classic dance music, spanning from the mid eighties to the early naughties.

Headlining is progressive house legend and Renaissance resident, Ian Ossia.  With a wealth of other talent providing their interpretation on the days gone by, and what they meant to them.

Friday, 30 November 2012

New 2 hour episode of Universal for download

Another 2 hours from my Universal show on Frisky Radio.  Some really beautiful old and new ethereal bombs await.

Download here

Quardo Rossi – Maria
Devangel – Seperation
DanKe – Hidden Truth
Ian Brown – Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.)
Unknown - Bed and Breakfast
Marcelo Paladini – Stages of Life (Zan Prevee Remix)
Graham Lloris – Yunnan (Vasam Remix)
Sasha – Xpander (Jaap Ligthart Bootleg)
Simon Tagias – Save My Dreams
The Green Children – Encounter (Linus Loves Remix)
Scarlet Ibis – Antelope
Colourblock – Polar Beer (Addex Remix)
Dream Fusion feat Air-Lines and Komma (Gav Fraser Remix)
DP-6 – Evolution
Rio Del Duna – Napicho (Dave Spritz Remix)
Aux n Morris – Emotionales Spielprinzip
The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Original 12”)
Morgan King – I’m Free (William Orbit Mix)
Marko Legra – El Cuento
Blondie – Atomic (Armand’s Short Circuit Mix)
Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Rollo and Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
Depeche Mode – Its No Good
Unknown - Unknown

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Music To Watch The Cosmos To (Part 4)

Hosted by

"Coming at you with an exclusive, Nick's fourth episode of cosmos watching is now available...based on the tracklist, you should expect some expansive soundscapes".

Download here


Sally Shapiro – Sleep In My Arms (Between Interval Remix)
Johan Agebjorn – Zero Gravity (Beatless Mix)
Ochre – Yugen
Solar Fields – Sol
Asura – Galaxies, Pt.1
The American Dollar – Starscapes
John Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey
Between Interval – Aerolith
Cell – Erasing Pluto
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Supersede
Ochre – REM Sleep Research
Ochre – Low Grav Freefall (High Altitude Mix)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Universal - September 2012

Universal airs on every 4th Friday, here is September's offering

Download here


Collapse - My Love (Ambient Drops Mix)
Denis Zephyr - Indian Tragedy
Kreisel - Conciousness
Momu - Comin Up Alright (Tini Tun Remix)
The Beat Prophet & ODV - Upstairs (Dakin Auret Remix)
Tilt Vs Ben Slaw - Sly One
Tip D - Marta (Samotarev Remix)
Kreisel - Vision (JC Cenamor Remix)
Tip D - Gods of Africa (Outro Mix)
Tip D - Omulu
Alex Pich and Shinobi - Somnambulist (Spieltape Stripped Mix)
Kai Morris - Every Day
Ewan Rill and Caspar - Power of Freedom
Manufactura Deep - Empireňá
Dani Sbert & JJ Mullor - So Get Up
Michael A - Something To Say
SonurBer - Girl
RedDub feat Kat - Past (RedDub Extended Mix)
Ivan Llamazares - Green Eyes In My Heart
Dembora - 11 Bits
Tilt - Control Me
Poison Pro - Alien (MOT!V Unidentified Flying Remix)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Available from all good music download stores now

Brand new dj mix for download

Last month's Universal is now available to grab and includes a little bit of the old and new for your varied listening delight. Also included is Nick's remix of Loquai's "Secret Waves," which appears in Beatport's current Secret Weapons Chart


Dunkan - Secrets Of Sleep
Dunkan - Secrets Of Sleep (Samotarev Remix)
As Life - Sad Clown (V-Night and Post S Remix/NL Edit)
J-son - Epiphora
J-son - Grit
Fiddler - Experience (Yamil Farag Remix)
Luke Chable Presents LOKII - Something (King Unique Remix)
Luke Chable Presents LOKII - Something
Bent - As You Fall (Guy J Remix)
Loquai - Secret Waves (Nick Lewis Ethnic Prayer Remix)
Vanayak - Sands Of Goa
J-son - Emotionally Dumb
Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Go To Church Mix)
Mental Cube - Q (Paul Thomas Remix/NL Edit)
Remi Brand - Silk And Smooth
Unknown - Deep In You
Pablo Caballero - One Morning
Vinayak A - Sometimes It Just Turns Into Reality (Michael Cassette Remix)

Download here

Friday, 13 July 2012

Frisky Radio Loves UK Mix

A journey in to deep dubstep, house, and progressive breaks

Download here


Mistress Barbara and HOSH - Final Mine
Guy J - No Under But You
Funk Harmony Park - My Truth (Royal Sapien Back Room Remix)
Soul Finder - Poetic Dreams (Royal Sapien Remix)
Photek - Levitation
Sepalcure - Taking You Back
Photek and Kuru - Fountainhead
DJG - Here Come The Dark Lights
Moby - Lie Down In Darkness (Photek Remix)
Colourblock - Stardust
Thee-o - Say Your Prayers (Andrew McDonell Remix) 
Beck - Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada Remix)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sounds From The Cosmic Slop

I’m really excited about the music I get to present to you in this mix, and I hope that my programming and transitions have done it justice. Some of my favourites in this set are the dramatic ‘Filterwolf – Buarana’, the awesome yet cheeky ‘Atomic Blonde’ by Timo Garcia, and distinctly old skool lick by Ernest Luminor ‘Mnemonic (Jamez Remix)’. The opening brings the funk, gradually building to a frantic climax! Enjoy.


The Cosmic Playerz – Get It Right
Ultrasone – Motus
Skye ‘n’ Sugarstarr & Jay Sebag vs Claptone – Like That Cream
Kenny Brian – About You
Juan Cordova – Never Let Me Down
Deep Spelle & Amy G – Trapped In (Helly Larson Remix)
Morten Granau & Rutz – Emptiness
Hollogram – Hotel
Timo Garcia – Atomic Blonde
Vedant & Caballero – Ayahuas
Filterwolf – Burana
21st Street – Sudden Tension (Nikko Z Remix)
Orquesm – VeegUitDePan
Daphnia – Memory
Ernest Luminor – Mnemonic (Jamez Remix)
Terentius – Romance
Pinch – Other Reality (A-Mase Breaks Mix)
21st Street – Mind Bender (Phony Orphants Remix)
21st Street – Spirit Of The Streets (Steve Haines Remix)
E.V.O.X – Hello Paul
John OO Fleming – MMX1215 (21st Street Remix)
Tilt – The World Doesn’t Know

Download here

Monday, 13 February 2012

January 2012 Dj Mix for Download


Marcelo Vasami & Ariel AB - Sunrise To Sundown (Deepfunk's Sunrise Remix)
M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Interstellar Mix)
Sebastien Leger - Grey Sky & Yellow Coconuts
Guy Gerber - Timing (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix)
Zero B - Lock Up (Nick Lewis 2D Re-rub)
Afterparty - Physical Chemistry (Twat Boutique Mix)
Franz Kirmann - Liza (Charlie May Atlantic Dub)
Kitheory feat Maura Davis - I Wannna Run (Nick Warren Remix)

Download here

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year! A treat for stopping by

Happy New Year!  I hope this years brings you all that you desire, as well as world peace, love, and all that stuff ;-)

So here is a exclusive to say thanks for visiting.  It's my yearly Retrospective as featured on Universal last Friday.  Download available for a limited time only.


Lustral - Broken (Echomen Remix)
Lustral - Everytime (Nalin Cain Remix)
Space Manoeuvres - Stage One
Brainchild - Symmetry C (Lange Remix)
Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough
Dee Patten - Who's The Badman
Kuva - Isn't It Time (Dave Morales Remix)
Tony Di Bart - Real Thing (Joy Bros Remix)
Alcatraz - Give Me Luv
Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland
E'voke - Runaway (Biff n Memphis Mix)

Download here

Monday, 2 January 2012

New episode of Universal available for download


Deepfunk - Butterfly
Derek Howell - Double Down
Eryo - Renaissance
Moby - Go (Steve Haines Remix)
Tobias - Bugs
Daphnia & Ouroboros - Tears of Sky
Sterio & McGrath - The Sound (Moonchine Remix)
Apologist - Flute
Eryo - Leaving Earth
DPen - The Path (Deepfunk Remix)
Maxplay - Cloudy Morning
Fusion F & Come T - Follow Up (Moussa Clarke & Sums Remix)
Eryo - Sorrento
Deepfunk - Perception
Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Jaap Ligthart Bootleg)
Heartstopper - Regress
Spooky - Belong (Igor Cold Remix)
Andreas Agiannitopoulos ft TF - Beautiful Lover

Download here

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